International commercial director Paul Moore is based in Los Angeles and Saigon. He has worked with top global agencies and brands including Samsung, Toyota, Huawei, Marvel, ASICS, OnePlus, Hasselblad, DJI, and Linkin Park.

Paul is known for his cinematic imagery, dynamic transitions, and creative visual storytelling. Raised in both Japan & Los Angeles, Paul brings a multi-cultural perspective to the craft of filmmaking. His experience living/working in Los Angeles, Japan (speaks Japanese), Vietnam, Thailand, and China, has given him the ability to deal with the creative challenges of working with culturally diverse clients.

Paul has been a speaker at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. His work has ranked the top global YouTube Ads Leaderboard, and has been featured on Campaign Asia, Ads of The World, CNN, Newsweek, and Time.

Paul is available to work globally on TV commercials, product launch films, branded content, and concept development.



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